March 6, 2017


What is ConnektdLivz and how does it help safety?

ConnektdLivz is tracking based safety platform for ensuring safety of women and children.  Using ConnektdLivz, you can stay connected with your family and friends and share your location with them on need basis.  With ConnektdLivz, your family and friends can know exactly where you are without having they need to call you to check.

We have automatic alerts generated to warn your family/friends in case you leave/enter those safe places or you are not in vicinity of any of your well-wishers.

ConnektdLivz works on principle of avoiding unsafe places by staying connected.  Commuting alone or late night?  You can ask your family/friends to track you.

Can I choose time when I share and do-not share my location with my circle-members?

Yes!   ConnektdLivz platform gives you control & allow you to maintain your privacy when you need it.  You can enable / disable sharing across different circles individually.

You can also set time and days of week when you want to enable location sharing.  Also with one button click, you can globally disable location sharing across all circles.When you are not sharing your own location across circles, you can still see information about other circle-members who have allows location-sharing

How many circles can I have and how many members each circle can have?

We do not restrict number of circles on our platform.  We do not currently have any restrictions on number of members in a circle either.  We leave it up to subscribers to decide on this.  However, you should be cautious about deciding and inviting someone to your circle and should have trust on them that they can help you in case of emergency.

For all practical purpose, we expect users to have ‘family-circle’ at minimum which may contain less than 8 members

What are automated alerts and how are they useful?

Alerts are useful to give you / your circle members notices in case of specific event.  For example an alert for case when your kid has left home or school.

ConnektdLivz supports following alerts currently:

  • Geo-Fence on a place
  • Residency policy
  • Pairing Alert
  • Route notification alert
How does “Crowd volunteered emergency response” works?

In case of Panic/ SOS situation, there could be chances that friends/family are far away from victim’s location.  Victim might be away from police too.  In this case, we provide option to family/friends to rope – in ‘Most suitable & nearest’ volunteer for help.
ConnektdLivz’s patent pending analytics engine determines who is “most suitable & nearest volunteer”.

Is my location and information private and secured?

Yes!   ConnektdLivz does not share your information like phone-number, location, email with strangers or any third party for any financial benefits.  We let you define whom you will share your location details and when by defining groups called “Circles”.  You can choose to add/delete members from your contact-list.  They should be usually your family or friends you have complete trust.
At ConnektdLivz, we have secured way of sharing your information with your family/friends and have taken steps to keep spammers away.

Is ConnektdLivz App free?

We intend to make ConnektdLivz platform annual subscription based.  Currently this platform is subscription free till year end (Till Dec 31, 2017).  Post year-end, likely charges of annual subscription in India could be Rs 250 / year for subscriber, however above price is indicative and final price will be decided at year-end
At ConnektdLivz, we are committed to build a most robust safety platform ever created.  For this, we think subscription based model will be in best interest of subscribers.  We do not intend to make it “Advertisement supported”.

I am small business-owner. Can I use ConnektdLivz platform for tracking my small team?

Yes! ConnektdLivz can be used by small business to track small workforce.  They can use location tracking and other features like automatic alerts based on residency-rules or Geo-Fence at specific place.  In fact many of our tracking features are provided by paid software used by fleet-management service providers.

Is there impact on battery-life if I use this app?

ConnektdLivz relies on GPS location.  There is certain impact on battery-life for accessing GPS location. We are working on optimizing battery-life currently.  More power-optimized version is expected to be released soon.

Will emergency notices work even when data-network is not available in certain areas?

Yes! For emergency notices, we rely on push notifications as well as SMS service to communicate with circle-members.  For beta-app, we request subscribers to configure “Emergency contacts” in app which will be notified by SMS upon emergency.  In upcoming release, we will upgrade features to provide more features with SMS messages.

If I login with my social account (Google/Face book), are my credentials safe?

Yes! Our subscriber privacy is highest priority for us when we decide on architecture of our platform.  Using social network accounts for sign-up is absolutely safe.

How does SOS/Panic feature works?

In worst case of emergency, we coordinate getting help to you.

We do not stop at just sending few SMS to family/friends or police which many safety apps in market do. We let your family / friends communicate with each other and coordinate help.     In case they are away from your current-location, they can “Escalate Emergency” allowing ConnektdLivz to determine “best-suitable” volunteer who is nearby your location.