Real-time Tracking

  • Know real-time location of circle-members if they enable location-sharing with you
  • Know if they are paired with known circle-member
  • View their location history Know their neighbourhood / safety summary
  • Meeting somone for movie, hangout or shopping? Enable real-time sharing for limited time without need to add him/her to your circle

Follow My-route

  • Commuting late? Ask your circle member to follow your-route
  • Members following you can view your location real-time
  • Ping message from following members to check if you are fine.
  • Automatically send audio samples from your phone if you did not respond ping messages

Panic/SOS Message

  • With ‘press of button’ generate SoS message to your circle-members as well as emergency contacts (Can include police)
  • Circle members can respond by tracking you. They can see your real-time location
  • All circle-members know who else is following you
  • Ping message from members to you to check if you are okay
  • Automatically collect audio samples from your phone and sends across if you fail to acknowledge ‘ping message’
  • If circle-members are away, they can ‘escalate’ SoS to nearby ConnektdLivz members relevent to you as determined by our Analytics engine

Automatic Alert generation

With busy life, no need to keep checking on your loved ones manually. Enable automatic alerts to notify you when a event happens

Geo Fencing: Generate alert-message when your circle-member enters / leaves a particular location. Also create rules to let you know if particular member is not at particular location at specified time
Route-Notification: Kids commute with bus? With participating bus, subscribe to route. Get Alerts when bus is about to reach your stop.
Companion pairing: Going to party or shopping? Pair your kids with caretakers. Generate alert if your kids are not in range of their friends/guardians

How it works


Platform to connect and track those who matter most
When it matters most

At ConnektdLivz, we are creating a unique end-to-end safety platform for tracking. It is very useful platform for women and kids. Our vision is to have system which can help families and friends stay connected no matter they use smartphones or have wearables.

Our technical team with solid system experience ranging all the way from Hardware to embedded software to application software, is well positioned to create a cost effective and optimal system which will help people and community to stay safe from various intruders and aggressors.

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